Blockchain Technologies for VET Education (BLUEDU)

Blockchain technology is an emerging technology. One of the new and important parts of digital transformation is blockchain technology. The outputs of the project are in an important position to stay ahead of the needs of the rapidly changing industry.

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Welcome to BLUEDU

Welcome to BLUEDU, the space for VET teachers who want to update and increase their knowledge about blockchain to implement it in education with the right pedagogical approaches, and overcome the existing barriers in VET to teach and implement this new technology.

BLUEDU provides VET teachers with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to convey the knowledge and teach their course subject and related blockchain topics in line with the pedagogical objective of their course.

It also provides VET teachers and academics with a deeper insight and understanding of blockchain technology, enabling the efficient adoption of relevant methods and techniques.

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“BLUEDU provides VET institutions and their teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of understanding and studying blockchain technology, ensuring the quality of teaching and guaranteeing students' learning processes.”


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